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The Africahead Brand


The objective for the Africahead brand is to form a diversified business, based on trust. Trust means in the context, clients and customers will, when they see the brand in connection with products and services, trust it is the best value-for-money available. It implies, prices and fees will not be maximum-profit-per-individual (empipi-i) prices. The philosophy becomes more relevant when businesses are big, but that possibility is considered early because empipi-i prices are based on utilitarian philosophy, Africahead does not subscribe to. At Africahead it is believed, for example, brands are more valuable when empipi-i prices are not charged, because then more money stays in the control of customers and clients.


Africahead is a copyrighted transacting mark, which consists of the word Africahead and the map image of Africa. Africa looks like a head. An enlarged Lake Victoria is the eye, Drakensberg the nose, Ethiopia and Sudan the brain, Cape Town the mouth, Nigeria the larynx, Somali Republic the ear and Lake Malawi a tearing.


The transacting name, Africahead, has been used since 2002, when the idea about the name with the image originated.


52% of the Africahead brand is represented by equity. 48% of the brand is represented by 🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) holders on the Ethereum network.