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Pay either via Paypal (19,99 USD) or Payfast (& fonetones) (267,89 ZAR) below for a year subscription.

The Payfast and Paypal icons connect to their secure websites. Unsubscribe via Paypal with the following link.

To subscribe for a year with cryptocurrency, calculate the amount based on 19,99 USD, and pay to any of the following addresses:

Basic Attention Token (BAT): 0x410f162d0b6b98c84623 275230856a5feadaf26c

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1D4NAZ9drZmZKjQs 4zZsFstkzYsJgZfNMK

Doge (DOGE): DKqgartNWZmhm9CY5c 4oA72BvN3g2MnELW

Dash (DASH): XbjEW7L8fTUnhT9wD GdqapxWMY6J5eBK3c

Ethereum (ETH): 0x120eAF70015775C3F6 ed954E67e97A36485CFb0F

Ethereum Classic (ETC): 0x1cd0567375a39c93fa 166096558d3236e820c8b6

Litecoin (LTC): LQyKmHN1vfgRxXB6AM 4Sitn6Nek5K4qY7C

0x project (ZRX): 0x410f162d0b6b98c84623 275230856a5feadaf26c

Zcash (ZEC): t1Ua8ELz1X6kotX6N 6qP19KszqbRzpcC8mB

Remove the space in the address.

Tokens on the Ethereum network, are also accepted at the ETH address above. AFA is however not accepted because equity owners, future employees and Africahead may not own AFA.

Please send an email to africahead2@gmail.com or mdpienaar@africahead.co.za to confirm subscription information if cryptocurrency is used.