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Intequinism, a book, is for sale on the iBooks Store and on the Amazon Store.

Intequinism can be discussed at Google Groups:

Quotes and Ramblings About Intequinism.

Accounting for ideas.

The following publications by M.D. Pienaar.

Management Accounting of Intellectual Creations.

Accounting of ideas.

Alterities - ePub download.

Demarcation and Caiaphas Syndrome - ePub download.

A view of God to consider: Critique of Richard Kearney’s anatheism.

Court documents and recordings relating to Caiaphas Syndrome, employee victimization and warnings with regard to possible Non-Pathological Criminal Incapacity.

Secular Afrikaans Region.

An intequinist view of Yin/Yang in each individual.


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