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Terms: Buying a virtual token and part of the Africahead brand

The 🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) Initial Token Offering (ICO) over-the-counter sale is currently taking place.

🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) Ethereum Contract Address:

0xfB48E0DEa837f9438309 a7e9F0cFe7EE3353A84e

Remove the space in the address.

15 October 2018, the first AFA were sold. The sale triggered the cession mentioned in the White Paper dated 12 October 2018. The White Paper of the said date is therefore the official governing agreement among AFA holders, equity:intequity holders and Moiom CC transacting as Africahead.

Contact details:

Tel: +27(0)824477125

Email: africahead2@gmail.com or mdpienaar@africahead.co.za.

Chat: Africahead lobby at https://gitter.im or Telegram Chat Group. A reply will be given soon.

Telegram News - not for chatting.

Signed White Paper

12 October 2018.



Highlights of ICO:

48% of the Africahead brand value shall 'never' be sold in another form than 🌍Africahead Ipparts, according to the legal agreement in the White Paper, because AFA is backed by the 48%.

Capital to raise: 500'000 USD.

Tokens to issue: 25'000 AFA = 2'500'000 ipparts.

Price per token: 25 USD/AFA = 0.25 USD per ippart.

Duration of ICO: Until "the event" takes place. "The event" will be the issue of 25'000 AFA or the instant when 500'000 USD value will have been raised, which ever happens first. If Africahead can raise 500'000 USD whilst issuing less than 25'000 AFA, it will.

Know your client (KYC) rules do not apply, because it cannot apply on Decentralized Exchange Counters where AFA is sold. Knowing who buyers of AFA will sell to in the future is impossible. FICA rules apply at cash sales.

Planned use of capital raised:

(1) Repay around 42'000 USD value, founding intequity capital to the current equity owner/founder. It is not debt. Africahead may not borrow. The only capital allowed are equity, intequity and cryptocurrency. Refer to the White Paper to comprehend the capital view, influenced by the philosophy Intequinism.

(2) Salaries to form a team.

(3) Developing ipparts further and developing a Decentralized Ipparts Exchange on the Ethereum Network, 'utilizing' the economic theory of Intequinism. The Exchange will raise capital for startup businesses by selling tokens, backed by goodwill and copyrights.

(4) Expanding and developing the business of Africahead in publishing. The websites africahead.co.za and fonetones.co.za will be developed further. The philosophy called Intequinism, which is currently the main product of Africahead, will be marketed.

(5) Depending on the amount raised, the formation of another crypto-currency token on a fast network will be considered. This token will be a utility token, being solely money, without backing by assets. The Supply/Demand theory will be more relevant than at ipparts. Development will therefore be more capital intensive.

(6) Financing Divided Party (DiP) for the 2019 general elections in South Africa with maximum 1'000'000 ZAR for marketing, and the election deposit, of at least one candidate on the national ballot paper.

(7) Africahead must become a big business. The capital will be used to develop the Africahead brand for diversified business, with Intequinism.

(8) If any capital is not used directly, Africahead will invest conservatively. Investments in certain new ventures are deductible for taxation in South Africa. Such investments will be considered, if new capital is not used by Africahead's own projects.

Statistics of ICO:

Google sheets.

Africahead is not a developer of blockchain technology. Africahead uses the best available blockchain infrastructure available, to attain its goals.

Links to the Exchange Counters:

Open orders to sell AFA, are at: BookingOrdersSellAFA.html.

How does the over the counter (OTC) sale work? 480'000 🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) Erc20 tokens, which equal 48’000’000 ipparts, were authorised and registered on the Ethereum network. Each AFA token has 2 decimal places. Tokens not issued are held in trust by Africahead to raise capital currently and in the future. During future Token Offerings the holders of AFA at that time will have options to buy newly issued AFA first. For the ICO, 25'000 tokens are available. When 500’000 USD value will have been raised or 25'000 AFA issued, whichever happens first (the event), the sale will close. Each 🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA) token consists of 100 ipparts. IF 20’000 AFA tokens are issued, 2’000’000 exchanged ipparts are in the market. IF each ippart of 20’000 AFA is exchanged for a currency, equal to 0.25 USD value, currencies equal to 500’000 USD value will have been raised. The balance of 5'000 AFA could be available for paying external services.

Brand values are arbitrary. This sale will help to establish a market value for the Africahead brand. At the date of "the event", the ICO will close. From the time the first ippart is sold around 2'500'000 ipparts (25'000 AFA) will represent 48% of the brand value. Discounts will be considered for large amounts. The remaining 52% of the brand value will not be represented by AFA. It will remain the property of equity holders of Africahead.

View the tokens at the Ethereum Contract Address: 0xfb48e0dea837f9438309 a7e9f0cfe7ee3353a84e. Remove the space in the address. The websites https://bloxy.info, https://ethplorer.io, https://etherscan.io and https://www.etherchain.org for example, supply information about the Ethereum network.

Ipparts refer to the indivisible subunits of AFA. 1 AFA token is equal to 100 Intellectual Property Parts (ipparts) of AFA.

AFA is an asset backed token, but it can not be classified as a “security” for purposes of the law because the value of AFA is not correlated positively with profits and interest, as is the case with “securities”. Values representing the brand value of Africahead may not be capitalized on its balance sheet according to International Accounting Standards. Those assets, representing the brand, which may not be capitalized without selling it, due to utilitarian religious and philosophical false convictions, back AFA. Goodwill, copyrights (especially on the Africahead mark and Intequinism) and transacting mark values are the most important determinants of the value of the Africahead brand. An inverse relation exists between values of the brand and profit, Africahead makes out of customers. Mainstream capitalist economic theory teaches a positive correlation between profits and brand values exists. It necessitates pity and donations, without considering prophets’ warnings about too much profit and idolatry.

Learn about blockchains and virtual currencies whilst buying Africahead test tokens (AFA) with test Ether (ETH) on the Ropsten Ethereum test network.

Work in Progress.