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Africahead combines business and politics "'all'-in-'one'". More about the projects can be seen at the Projects page. More about the politics can be seen at the Divided Party (DiP) page. A new philosophy and economic theory is relevant, according to which Africahead and DiP must grow. With the tokens below, interests in Africahead's business can be bought.

Payment Policy: All material on this website is available for free, unless stipulated otherwise.

Intequinism, the book and philosophy; also the foundation of Africahead and Divided Party, is only for sale on the iBooks Store and on the Amazon Store.

Reading and writing with the ideas Truth and Love above, in mind.

Investing in Africahead with an Ethereum ERC20 token, backed by 48% of Africahead's brand value:
🌍 Africahead Ipparts (AFA)
brand tokens.

Moiom (MIM) is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token. Anyone may use MIM for development of DApps, websites, etc.

Media and Current Promotions.


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