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Africahead publishes ebooks at Amazon and iTunes/iBooks, and this website. It also publishes fonetones at www.fonetones.co.za. Currently Intequinism, the philosophy of Africahead’s owner, is the primary product. In future Africahead will also represent other authors, especially those who are in touch with the current revolutionary changes taking place; partly due to new technologies, i.e. crypto-currencies.

The transacting name, Africahead, has been used since 2002, when the idea about the name with the image originated. Africa looks like a head. An enlarged Lake Victoria is the eye, Drakensberg the nose, Ethiopia and Sudan the brain, Cape Town the mouth, Nigeria the larynx, Somali Republic the ear and Lake Malawi a tearing.

Africahead is a copyrighted transacting mark, which consists of the word Africahead and the map image of Africa.

Africahead does not represent traditional maximum-profit-per-individual (MPPI) business, nor non-profit charity. MPPI and consequential pity, partly cause the problems of the world.

Currently Moiom Close Corporation (Moiom CC) transacts as Africahead. Moiom CC is a registered corporation in South Africa.