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The transacting name, Africahead, has been used since 2002, when the idea about the name with the image originated. Africa looks like a head. An enlarged Lake Victoria is the eye, Drakensberg the nose, Ethiopia and Sudan the brain, Cape Town the mouth, Nigeria the larynx, Somali Republic the ear and Lake Malawi a tearing.

Africahead is a copyrighted transacting mark, which consists of the word Africahead and the map image of Africa.

Africahead does not represent traditional maximum-profit-per-individual (empipi-i) business, nor non-profit charity. Empipi-i and consequential pitying, partly cause the problems of the world. The objective is minimum profit. Minimum profit will motivate the best value-for-money products, leaving maximum cash with consumers. Minimum profit will maximise the brand values of Africahead. Africahead owns 52% of 4 brands. The other 48% of the brand values, is being sold with 4 brand tokens, called Africahead Ipparts (AFA), fonetones (FON), Divided Party (DiP) and Kaeuoi (KAE). Moyom (MYM) is a utility token used to buy and sell brand tokens. When MYM is liquid, it must be used to buy and pay for issues of others' brand tokens, listed and sold on Ipparts Exchange. The capital profits on brand tokens, backed by others' brands, bought on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) with MYM, to fund others' brands, will also fund return on equity.

Moiom Close Corporation (Moiom CC) transacts as Africahead. Moiom CC is a registered close corporation (Reg. no: B1999054573) in South Africa. The existence of Moiom CC can be confirmed by searching for it on the website of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa with the Reg. no.

Copyright on the Africahead transacting mark and all other copyrights Marquard Dirk Pienaar can claim were ceded to Moiom CC on 15 October 2018 according to the White Paper of 12 October 2018, written for the cryptocurrency over the counter Initial Token Offering (ICO) of Africahead Ipparts (AFA), Ethereum Erc20 tokens.

Investors can contact the current representative for Africahead, if they want to invest in Africahead equity. Download the proposal for a private placing of equity.