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Kaeuoi (KAE) brand tokens

Investors can contact the current representative for Africahead, if they want to invest in Africahead equity. Download the proposal for a private placing of equity.

The Kaeuoi Internet Community Project will be funded from capital raised by issues of Kaeuoi (KAE) brand tokens and Moyom (MYM) utility tokens. Anyone can earn 17% commission when finding buyers for the tokens.

Kaeuoi (KAE) Ethereum ERC20 Token Address

0x4fE671f75feBe114dBE A88Bb8266C177cb5E466A
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Make sure to read this latest white paper because it can change until the first tokens are issued. White Paper of 10 June 2020.

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Kaeuoi Github website, in development.


Kaeuoi can be compared to a labour union, representing the opposite than usual. Thus, instead of having the labour theory of capital as a root of its existence, Kaeuoi has Intequity (Capital of ideas) as a root, combining it with labour. The purpose is for Internet users, to group together against exploitation on the Internet. Lately the news showed clearly, Internet users are exploited, especially by social media websites, imparting ("stealing") ideas and personal information, making vast amounts of money from it, with advertising, e.g.. Kaeuoi Community will be, ones could say, a migrant community on the Internet, to "greener pastures", if they are not sufficiently respected by the-exploiting. The Kaeuoi Community will use their group power to negotiate better circumstances for the group and individuals each on the Internet. An example of how group power can be used, is, diverting advertising income to Kaeuoi Community members. If website owners and managers will not be willing to share advertising income with Internet users, the Kaeuoi Community can migrate to other websites, where they are considered more. Individuals and the group will be represented in court cases and tort law suits. Kaeuoi is thus also a kind of insurance against exploitation on the Internet.

Becoming a Member

Owning Kaeuoi (KAE) tokens will prove membership. The financial benefits when it realize will be distributed to KAE token holders. Group communication will happen at the Kaeuoi group on the cent.co and minds.com social media sites. Direct Message @mdpienaar at cent.co to be added to the group or request at the group on minds.com to be added to the group. Members are needed on all social media websites to build the Kaeuoi Community. The larger the Kaeuoi Community is, the more power management will have to negotiate benefits for KAE token holders.

Financial Benefits of Being a Member

Monetary benefit could be applicable with regard to capital appreciation of KAE tokens. The issue prices increase, therefore the earliest buyers get the best value for money. There isn't a fixed policy of how materialized monetary value will be distributed to the ETH addresses, holding KAE tokens. The strength of Kaeuoi is in numbers of members and negotiating strength, rooted in the law about e.g. privacy, trade secrets and "migration", therefore, distributions, can logically not be done according to value invested. If only one hodler, e.g. owns all the KAE tokens, and is the only member of Kaeuoi Internet Community, supplying all the capital, the "Community" will have no power, because the power of the Community is in withdrawing their use from a website and/or using another website or in tort law. Getting the maximum number of KAE holders is important. Currently a minimum number of members and minimum amount of capital raised, before negotiations with Internet service providers will take place are: (1) At least 1 million KAE token holders. (2) At least 1000 ETH value raised. 1 million KAE holders might give negotiating strength needed, especially if they are all existing users of one website or could be of a new website. 1000 ETH value might be enough to get the necessary legal advice.

When calculating the maximum distribution to an ETH address, currently, 1000 KAE will be the maximum number of tokens attracting value. The figure of 1000 KAE can change. Members should thus not hold more KAE tokens than the maximum, which is currently 1000 KAE. An owner of KAE tokens, who bought tokens, not-for-speculation, must hold all KAE tokens in only one ETH address. If one person, e.g. bought 2000 KAE tokens and split the tokens into two ETH addresses, only one ETH address will be considered, as far as possible.

Token Attributes
Kaeuoi brand token Contract Address on the Ethereum Mainnet
0x4fE671f75feBe114dBE A88Bb8266C177cb5E466A
Remove the space in the address.
Ethereum token type: ERC-20
Exchange: Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)
Name of token: Kaeuoi
Abbreviation: KAE
Number of Kaeuoi brand tokens for sale: 99'900'000'000'000 (ninety nine trillion nine hundred billion)
Number of Kaeuoi brand tokens for management: 0 (Africahead will charge a management/administration fee. According to Intequinism, the foundation of Africahead, the fee must be minimized because minimum fees maximise brand values. Others wanting to work on the project must come forward. Ideas are regarded important in the sense, bonuses/remuneration will be paid for good ideas, as opposed to current socialism/capitalism and communism, which regards primarily/only the labour theory of capital). The purpose of KAE tokens is partly for the owners of 48% of the brand-value / goodwill of Kaeuoi, to judge the management by buying and selling KAE tokens.
Decimals: 7
Total number of ipparts (tokens X ten to the power of seven): 999'000'000'000'000'000'000 (nine hundred and ninety nine quintillion) ipparts.
Total ETH value to raise: It depends on sales of KAE tokens. All the KAE brand tokens will be sold at the increasing issue prices as stated in the White Paper.
Amount of ETH value validating the ITO: 0 ETH value (The issue of KAE tokens will continue and is not dependent on a minimum amount raised)
Issue Price: Initial price was; 1'000 KAE = 1 ETH; 1 KAE = 0.001 ETH.
Time of ITO: Starts November 2019. Ends when all the tokens will be sold.


Download logo.

Kaeuoi logo, in the above orientation, refers to one's own soul and comprehension of idealism as opposed to materialism. Idealism basically means, humans structure matter and their surrounds, starting with good ideas. Choosing idealism as dominant over materialism implies a choice is made for survival with creative ways. It is a choice in favour of the ideas Truth and Love and in favour of universal laws. It is a choice in favour of groups Being good. Choosing idealism implies considering value added by labour and ideas whilst remunerating accordingly, with for example, bonuses for good ideas.


Download logo.

In the above orientation, it refers to others' souls and comprehension of materialism as opposed to idealism. Materialism basically means, humans are determined by matter and their surrounds. Choosing materialism as dominant over idealism, means a choice is made for survival by murderous means. It is a choice against the ideas Truth and Love and against universal laws. It is a choice in favour of idolatry, messianism, apocalypticism and evil singularity. Choosing materialism means trust in only the labour theory of capital, whilst imparting ideas, without remunerating people for good ideas.

Planned Steps

Forming a community
Number Task Done or Not Responsibility
1 Find an objective. Done mdpienaar
2 Africahead will do the administration and management. Other management team members, willing to have their information public should contact Africahead. Done Africahead
3 The community is the whole world. Done mdpienaar
4 Management will be paid out of the capital raised for their contribution to the community. The buyers of tokens must also make a contribution to the community and the value of the tokens, to increase the value of their tokens. Done mdpienaar
5 Issue ERC20 brand tokens to the Kaeuoi Community. The KAE tokens represent 48% of the Kaeuoi brand. Busy at LedgerDex.com Africahead
Something like that.

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Counter bids to buy KAE can be placed. If a counter bid is placed, please send an email to confirm.

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Watch this page and tweets about #Kaeuoi for new information and investment opportunities in the brand. Contact @mdpienaar on Cent or Twitter to ask questions. The following contact details can also be used:

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Email: africahead2@gmail.com or mdpienaar@africahead.co.za.

Chat: Africahead lobby at https://gitter.im or Telegram Chat Group or WhatsApp.

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Current Social Media Posts

1 Nov. 2019 at Cent: Kaeuoi Internet Community - Token Sales

22 Oct. 2019 at Cent: Kaeuoi (KAE) Community - Interested to work on the project?

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