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Moiom (MIM) Tokens

Africahead is a registered Close Corporation (CC). The CC was registered as Moiom CC in South Africa during 1999. 1999 in Roman numbers is written MIM, which gave rise to the logo. The existence of Moiom CC can be confirmed by searching for it on the website of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa.

               logo MIM 1999

Divided Party (DiP) is a registered political party in South Africa, contesting the 2019 general election.

Divided Party DiP logo

South Africans can make a tax deductible donation to DiP and receive MIM tokens in return at the same value MIM is sold for at TokenJar.IO below. People who source buyers for MIM (including donations to DiP) are entitled to 20/120 on the amount.

The name Moiom (MIM) is used to develop a currency. The Erc20 token was registered on the Ethereum Network. MIM is a utility token. MIM can be used by anyone to buy and sell goods and services worldwide. Any business can buy MIM and sell it to their customers, who in turn can exchange it for goods of the business. The more businesses use MIM, the better. MIM will also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. MIM is not backed by an asset like Africahead Ipparts (AFA), Africahead's brand token. The Contract Address of MIM on the Ethereum Network is:

0x3bEa1Cb0Ea10A35B199 5233D6d57B34Fb3142b1B

When applying the address, remove the space between 9 and 5. Before interaction with MIM, users must make sure the correct Contract Address above, is used. Other tokens also use the ticker symbol MIM. With thousands of tokens on the Ethereum and other blockchain networks, it is unavoidable that ticker symbols will be duplicated.

MIM will be purchased at decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet. Currently the only exchange counter used is https://tokenjar.io/MIM. The initial retail price for MIM is 0.000'000'01 WETH (ETH) per MIM token. This Google Sheets Schedule is used to do calculations for selling MIM.

The idea for buying MIM, is partly funding, the future supply of goods and services by Africahead at minimum prices. The more MIM is bought, the more effective the spreading of wealth to all could be. According to mainstream capitalist economic theory, maximum prices are charged, which flow back to consumers and investors, partly, in the form of dividends, charity and debt. According to Intequinism, the foundation of Africahead and Divided Party, the dividends, charity and debt parts, included in maximum prices, will be excluded from Africahead's prices. Prices charged, will therefore be lower than maximum prices. According to Intequinism's economic theory, the Africahead brand value should appreciate because of minimum prices. Mainstream capitalist economic theory, correlates maximum prices and brand values positively. Maximalist prices are kept in place by the idolatry of some non-profit charity organisations. According to Intequinism, the charity these organisation fund, should be the responsibility of governments, which instituted freedom-of-speech. Some of the non-profit organisations, due to freedom of religion, are effectively allowed to interfere with freedom-of-speech with modern ostracism in the form of gangstalking and censorship. Ostracism and censorship are idolatry.

White Paper

The White Paper for Africahead Ipparts (AFA) refers to MIM, as a project for the future. The funds raised with MIM will be used to supply goods and services to consumers, according to the economic theory of Intequinism. Basically, that means, maximum prices will not be charged, because, in order to maximise the value of the Africahead brand, according to Intequinism, prices of goods and services should be the minimum. Intequinism does not correlate profits and brand values positively. No White Paper exists for MIM. The reason is, issuing money is a developing science, and nothing more can be said, than already written here and in the White Paper for AFA. How MIM tokens enter the market, is developing. Fiat currencies are issued by banks in a well-developed system, which, because of failures, are getting opposition from cryptocurrencies. It is currently foreseen that interest will never be charged on MIM. If any interest is relevant, in reality, users must discount it into the price of MIM.

Questions can be asked in the chatrooms, below, formed to answer questions about Africahead Ipparts (AFA).

Contact details:

Tel: +27(0)824477125

Email: africahead2@gmail.com or mdpienaar@africahead.co.za.

Chat: Africahead lobby at https://gitter.im or Telegram Chat Group. A reply will be given soon.

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