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Moiom (MIM) Utility Tokens

Africahead is a registered Close Corporation (CC). The CC was registered as Moiom CC in South Africa during 1999. 1999 in Roman numbers is written MIM, which gave rise to the name and logo. The existence of Moiom CC can be confirmed by searching for it on the website of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa.

               logo MIM 1999

The idea for MIM, is to develop a new currency, anyone can use, to buy and sell goods and services with. MIM will also be used to fund other businesses by buying its brand tokens on Ipparts Exchange. People who source buyers of MIM, are entitled to 20/120 of the amount.

NB: Developing MIM is a long term project in conjunction with Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand tokens. No guarantees can be given and it is not a token to buy for short term profit.




Only the supply/demand theory is relevant when valuing MIM. Africahead will control the supply in order to see the price of MIM rise. Users and developers will add value by increasing the demand for MIM.

The demand will be determined primarily by:
* Users of DApps, MIM funded the development of. MIM will be used to pay for brand tokens, used to finance the DApps and products, traded with the DApps.
* Brand tokens issued on Ipparts Exchange.


App.LedgerDex.Com is an exchange where any ERC20 token can be traded for any other ERC20 token. If LedgerDex is used at its full potential, it can make a big contribution to the Crypto Community and economies in general. When considering, usually, new economic projects are only funded by fiat currencies and ETH, the limitation, of limited currencies funding development, which can be overcome at LedgerDex, is vast. New economic projects can be funded with a liquid ERC20 token with value. Imagine what boosting effect it could have on economies, when more currencies start funding economic projects. Another benefit at LedgerDex, is, a maker can specify the taker, to limit an offer to a specific address. That means commissions on over the counter sales of ERC20 tokens can easily be administered, because sales transactions can be linked to specific addresses.

Africahead Ipparts (AFA) brand token and Moiom (MIM) utility token make use of the LedgerDex technology. Any liquid ERC20 token can be used to fund Africahead's business. After an over the counter sale for Africahead tokens, has been agreed upon, Africahead, will sell the funding tokens on the market to convert it to fiat, ETH, BTC etc. to use for normal business. Also, funding tokens' liquidity will be improved when Africahead sells the tokens for mainstream currencies. Anyone who introduces buyers for AFA and MIM will earn 20/120 of the amount.

When MIM is liquid, it will be partly used to fund economics, by using technologies, like LedgerDex. In conjunction with Ipparts Exchange, on which other organisations' ipparts (parts of brand tokens) can be listed, MIM will become a force for good. Ipparts Exchange is one of the projects to be funded with AFA, according to the AFA whitepaper. MIM can also contribute.

Unfortunately, LedgerDex cannot be used in the USA.


Moiom (MIM), an Erc20 token, was registered on the Ethereum Network. MIM is a utility token, which can be used by anyone, to buy and sell goods and services worldwide. Any business can buy MIM and sell it to their customers, who in turn can exchange it for goods of the business. The more businesses use MIM, the better. MIM will also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. MIM is not backed by an asset, like Africahead Ipparts (AFA), Africahead's brand token, which is backed by 48% of the brand value. The Contract Address of MIM on the Ethereum Network is:

0x3bEa1Cb0Ea10A35B199 5233D6d57B34Fb3142b1B

When applying the address, remove the space between 9 and 5. Before interaction with MIM, users must make sure the correct Contract Address above, is used.

MIM can be purchased at decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet. Currently the exchange counters used are; click on the logo to go to the exchange of choice:

TokenJar logo

LedgerDex logo

ForkDelta logo

Explanation of how to use TokenJar: Youtube video. Buy ETH. Download the Metamask Ethereum wallet. Send ETH to the wallet. Wrap the ETH into WETH. Set an allowance to use the WETH. Buy MIM.

The initial offer is 101'208'000'000 tokens for 0.000'000'01 WETH (ETH) per MIM token. It is the lowest price MIM can be issued for at TokenJar. Africahead will not, without good reason, sell or issue MIM for less than this value, and does not give too many tokens away per address, in promotional airdrops, because then tokens can be sold by others, for a lower price than the initial price. This Google Sheets Schedule is used to do calculations for selling MIM.

The ideas for selling MIM, are primarily:
* Funding, the future supply of goods and services by Africahead at minimum prices.
* All the businesses listing their brand tokens on Ipparts Exchange will use MIM as DApp currency.
* When MIM is liquid it will be used to buy brand tokens listed on Ipparts Exchange, thereby funding development of innovative new business ideas.

The more MIM is bought, the more effective the spreading of wealth to all could be. According to mainstream capitalist economic theory, maximum prices are charged, which flow back to consumers and investors, partly, in the form of dividends, charity and debt. According to Intequinism, the foundation of Africahead and Divided Party, the dividends, charity and debt parts, included in maximum prices, will be excluded from Africahead's prices. Prices charged, will therefore be lower than maximum prices. According to Intequinism's economic theory, the Africahead brand value should appreciate, because of minimum prices. Buyers of Africahead products will have extra cash in their pockets because of minimum prices. The extra cash will replace dividends, charity and debt, following from maximum prices. AFA should therefore increase in value, using the quantity theory of valuations. AFA's value equals value of the Africahead brand, divided by, 25'000 AFA (2'500'000 ipparts).

Mainstream capitalist economic theory, correlates maximum prices and brand values positively. Maximalist prices are kept in place by the idolatry of some non-profit charity organisations, because the donations they receive, are dependent on maximalism. According to Intequinism, the charitable organisations, maximalist organisations fund, should be the responsibility of governments, which instituted freedom-of-speech. There are too many vagrants in the current system and philosophy shows they are often people who contribute much to society with good ideas. Socrates called people with good ideas, "gods" and "goddesses", which influenced the Eucharist and Mass, for example. Some of the non-profit organisations, due to freedom of religion, are effectively allowed, to interfere with freedom-of-speech, via modern ostracism in the form of gangstalking and censorship. Ostracism and censorship are idolatry.

White Paper

The White Paper for Africahead Ipparts (AFA) refers to MIM, as a project for the future. The funds raised with MIM will be used to supply goods and services to consumers, according to the economic theory of Intequinism. Basically, that means, maximum prices will not be charged, because, in order to maximise the value of the Africahead brand, according to Intequinism, prices of goods and services should be the minimum. Intequinism does not correlate profits and brand values positively. No White Paper exists for MIM. The reason is, issuing money is a developing science, and nothing more can be said, than already written here and in the White Paper for AFA. How MIM tokens enter the market, is developing. Fiat currencies are issued by banks in a well-developed system, which, because of failures, are getting opposition from cryptocurrencies. It is currently foreseen that interest will never be charged on MIM and MIM will not be lent. A new concept called intequity will be applied when MIM is issued without receiving payment. It will only be possible when MIM has a value and enough liquidity on Exchanges. The word intequity was "coined" by the current founder/owner of Africahead and is partly explained in the whitepaper for AFA. If any interest is relevant, in reality, users must discount it into the price of MIM.

Africahead plans to issue MIM tokens in an intequible way, to not disadvantage earlier buyers. Intequinism is capitalist philosophy, therefore, people who agree and see potential early, should benefit later on, with capital appreciation of MIM.

Questions can be asked in the chatrooms, below, formed to answer questions about Africahead Ipparts (AFA).

Contact details:

Tel: +27(0)824477125

Email: africahead2@gmail.com or mdpienaar@africahead.co.za.

Chat: Africahead lobby at https://gitter.im or Telegram Chat Group. A reply will be given soon.

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