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Important News Topics

The purpose of this page is to give attention to important news topics, which are not well known. Searching the Internet especially Youtube shows relevant videos and articles. Search results, without a doubt, will include information and misleading disinformation.

9 January 2019: The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), registered a new political party called Divided Party in South Africa. More information at Divided Party (DiP).

2 April 2018: Earth’s moon, stars and sun could be closer to Earth than generally believed. It does not mean Earth is flat because traveling south raises unanswered questions. Youtube video.

Two posts at Cent, explain observations about reality of the moon, sun, other stars and Earth. First and second post.

Videobook: The Earth Plane by Eric Dubay

11 March 2018: “GangStalking”, “Gang stalking” and “Targeted Individuals”. This problem is not a recent problem because it relates to the societal practices of ostracism, outlawing and excommunication. The word outlaw was derived from the practice. The word outlaw means stupid practices like ostracism cause crime, because people who are outlawed cannot make livings as usual. It is part of the sick idolatrous capital system.