Honest Loving Self

An honest loving self can be an individual who respects the ideas Truth (objective correspondence) and Love (not-doing evil to all like self do not want evil done to, plus Kant’s categorical imperative). Honest loving Self however can only be a group who together manifest Intequinist Being. Capitalizing the S of self means plural form.

Promoting Self-Determination of all groups of all folks of the SA nation is a new political movement by the federal party of South Africa. Previously each group only worked for their own self-determination. Imperialism was thus a problem, not respecting others’ self-determination. Different groups each wanted it all, thus fighting about it all. Different individuals each, representing only their group, wanted to be “the leader” of it all, thus causing imperialist problems. It is still a problem amongst some groups and some individuals.

Kingdoms changed to Democratic Imperialism (DI). In DI systems it is left against right. If left wins elections and gets control, they do not respect self-determination of right. If right wins and gets control they do not respect the self-determination of left. That is why DI will change to Democratic Self-Determination (DSD). In DSD systems the left and right have self-determination in multilingual and unilingual regions, as in Switzerland.

For more than 100 years, big central government (imperialism) has been a problem in South Africa, because central government cannot respect all the cultures/folks for a stable SA nation. Central governance therefore must be decentralized maximally, within the limits of the SA Constitution, for Self-Determination of left and right in multilingual and unilingual regions.

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