The Whole and the deceiving non-loving “Self”

Thousands of years ago, during the “golden age”, it seems, the Whole was in the minds of people and the idea Truth was the essence. In philosophy today, views of the Whole are called realism. Some call viewing the Whole pantheism. A problem with viewing the Whole is its impossibility for one to view it. A group of honest people are much better at viewing the Whole because of different fields of knowledge, which, one can never learn. Deceitfully though, religions started to connect the Whole, called “One” with one “Messiah” or “Christ” of monotheism.

The idolatry relating to one “Messiah” or “Christ”, with the most realistic view of the Whole, relates to the deceiving “Self”. Explaining it however is not very easy, but i will try in this article.

Deceit is an individualistic way, but honesty has been equated with “the-individual” and “Truth” with “the-group”. Everyone who join the gang must tell a lie (“The Truth”), and conviction in the lie, is of paramount importance. The most common lie is the one about an idol returning, saving the human race, or a group of the human race. Deceit is a selfish way, because it benefits only one or a part of the Whole. Honesty transfers information, therefore the Whole benefits when individuals are honest.

When, during the golden age, “gods and goddesses” of kingdoms reigned, the idea Truth was the essence. The honest then were subjective and despotic, therefore the idea Love and objectivity started to develop with democracy, to balance the idea Truth. With democracy though, for many, the idea Love became the essence. Some say “God is Love”. Non-reductionist philosophy shows, that “the-essence” does not exist. Intequinism, for example promotes respect for, at least, the two ideas Truth (objective correspondence) and Love (not-doing evil to all like selves do not want to be done evil to, plus Kant’s categorical imperative). The two ideas must be balanced and respected against messianism/idolatry. The “Self” (messianism/idolatry) or the Whole, can be regarded in thinking, whilst not thinking the Whole will favor only the “One” man. The “Self” can be rejected in favor of the Whole. It can be done, for example, with the economic way of Intequinism, promoting minimum prices & fees, as opposed to maximum profit of current capitalism. I explained this in my article, about brand tokens at Publish0x.

Brands can be valued whilst valuing ideas for the Whole. Such valuations cannot be done with cash-flow valuations, because cash-flow valuations are done, only about a part (“Self”) of the Whole.

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