What Pleasure Is There?

Africahead is run, using Intequinism, as its foundation. Ipparts Exchange is currently the primary objective at Africahead. This article gives more information about how the economic theory of Intequinism, could influence Ipparts Exchange.

Ipparts Exchange is a crypto-currency exchange where brand tokens can be listed. The tokens must be backed by Intellectual Property, free to be monetized and traded.

According to Intequinism’s new-capitalist economic theory, minimum fees maximize brand values, maximum fees don’t. Why is Intequinism a new-capitalist economic theory, not socialist or communist theory? Communism and Socialism emphasize the Labor Theory of capital. Marx, from whom Communism originated, wrote, labor is “the creator”. The Nazis, who were the most recognizable in socialist ideals, used the slogan “Labor Makes Free”, above the entrances to their death camps. Although most “capitalists” have socialist convictions, when regarding roles of labor and ideas, recognition is given in Christianity to capital of ideas (intequity). Sacrificing and praising “God”, who “generates” good ideas, show contradictory recognition however. It is contradictory because the origination of supposedly good Christianity, was in pagan satanist sacrificing of people with good ideas. According to Intequinism ways must be found for idea generators and people focusing on labor, to work well together.

Asking minimum prices, can practically only become relevant after a business has grown to a large enough size where economies of scale warrant minimum prices. Most businesses never reach such a ‘stage’. Therefore the idea is currently more relevant for the emotive effect, than the actual practical application, of it. The practical effect looked for, is limiting own wealth, in order for others to have more. Not asking maximum fees, if Ipparts Exchange is ever that lucky, the effect will be: More cash in the hands of buyers and sellers.

All the brand tokens, which will list on Ipparts Exchange, will not have to comply with the economic theory of Intequinism. The only compliance necessary, to consider, is South African law and whatever economic theory is preferred.

More information about Ipparts Exchange is available at: https://www.africahead.co.za/Africahead/IppartsExchange.html