Asking Minimum Prices

According to the economic theory of Intequinism, minimum prices will maximise brand values, not maximum prices. This article motivates this claim, and explains it further.

The most important reason Intequinism posits that, asking minimum prices, is better methodology than maximum prices, is because, maximum prices increase the difference between the rich and the poor, which eventually cause revolutions/wars. Intequinism promotes gradual changes, not revolutionary changes.

Maximum prices indicate the greed, inherent to the current capitalist system. It is kind of stupid. When you for example give a professional service to a client and the well-being of the client is a consideration, maximum prices are obviously not logical. A good example is medical service. Privatised hospitals listed on stock exchanges, which must ask maximum prices, to maximise dividends paid to shareholders, cannot reconcile the well being of patients with maximum prices. The unhealthy stress alone, maximum prices cause, at poor and middle class people, proves this. This example about medical service is an extreme, but to a lesser extent buying anything, is similar.

Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX) is a new cryptocurrency exchange being developed. Some tokens traded on IPPAEX will use Intequinism’s economic theory, according to which minimum prices are charged, to maximise the value of brand tokens. All the brand tokens, listing on IPPAEX need not use Intequinism’s economic theory though. Businesses will have to state what their policy is. IPPAEX resolves the problem of greed, inherent to the current capitalist system. At startup businesses, minimum prices exist only in idea form. Startup businesses usually ask maximum prices to get going. IPPAEX resolves the problem the system causes, when businesses get big, and list shares on stock exchanges. Stock Exchanges require maximum prices, because maximum dividends must be paid. Some people get caught up in situations they probably would prefer not to be. Donating to non-profit organisations, often resolves the problem, helping to keep others on the breadline. The pity however, included in donations, all people do not enjoy. On IPPAEX such problems are not relevant because the value of ipparts (intellectual property parts) will not be increased by maximum prices and maximum dividends. The competition will be about minimum prices, because minimum prices will leave more cash, directly, in the pockets of consumers. It also removes the divide between owners and consumers. Currently consumers pay maximum prices, which enrich the “elite” who are owners. Maximum prices benefit owners but disadvantage consumers. According to a system of minimum prices, consumers and owners, both benefit from prices. Owners benefit because brand values increase and consumers benefit because they pay lower prices.

The other day someone asked me what minimum prices are. He asked whether he would be able to buy himself an aeroplane, if his business asked minimum prices. My answer was, i don’t know, because minimum is not a fixed concept. Minimum prices will be determined by competition. It is different for each person. When i started Africahead, and started promoting minimum prices, 20 years ago, a salary of 4 million ZAR per year, was in my mind. That was a salary i thought reasonable to include in prices of Moiom; the trading name of the business then. These days it will be lower though, because i am less greedy. Minimum prices will also depend on sustainability. Enough must be included in minimum prices to make provision for retirement of all employees. Expansion is another consideration. Reserves must be formed with enough capital to grow. These days some maximum-profit-per-individual (empipi-i) businesses have very large cash balances and they do not know what to do with it all. Yesterday the news reported, Amazon will pay for retraining of employees’ new careers, if they want it, even if Amazon’s services do not include those careers currently. It looks like a good idea. Minimum prices could include that idea, to a certain extent. Minimum prices are ideas in development. The practical application could be a new field of study. Another part of Intequinism’s economic theory is, tax can be printed. It is not necessary, after the gold standard was dropped, to charge taxes. If taxes are not charged, prices can be dropped dramatically. Perhaps some places are already doing that, without making it public knowledge, who knows.

The most important part of maximum prices, minimum prices exclude, is the part paid to certain non-profit organisations, especially some religious institutions, because of the victimisation, ostracism and pity, involved in their system. The idolatrous implications of it is a disgrace. It is clear, that system, does not work properly and it would be better for those people to work for government, where their work can be planned better, without preying/predating and parasitising, in the workings of idolatry’s empipi-i.

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    1. Oxford Dictionary: “fastidious |faˈstɪdɪəs| adjective; very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail: she dressed with fastidious care. • very concerned about matters of cleanliness: the child seemed fastidious about getting her fingers dirty.”

      Intequinism, the foundation of this website, prioritizes detail less than the source of it, yet, identifying parts accurately, causes a more precise recognition of the whole. What is about? When i searched for “intequinism” there, it picked up an interview with me (MD Pienaar). I wrote Intequinism, a book and a philosophy. The search result appeared for an instant on the screen and then disappeared.

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