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Gladson Xavier Pexels

Love and Truth. Two Ideas Above All.

First published: 13 April 2019

This article defines Love and Truth. I do not explain here why the definitions are the right definitions. I did that elsewhere, for example in my book Intequinism. Explaining why the definitions are the right definitions relates to sustainability of large populations. Truth was the essence of kingdoms and nobility. Love is the essence of democracies. In the new system, Intequinism promotes, the two ideas Love and Truth, are not synthesised with dialectical philosophy into a new essence. The two ideas exist, separate from one another, each with equal importance.

Why two ideas? Modern non-reductionist philosophy argues against traditional dialectic philosophy, which focuses on essence. According to non-reductionist philosophy, focusing on different aspects, gives balanced comprehension. Making Truth the essence of all morality, causes despotism. The nobility were despots and could be honest about it. Despotism was why, the idea Love, in relation to democracy, came into being. A problem currently, is, many make the idea Love the essence of morality. It causes fallaciousness, because the idea Truth does not balance the idea Love. Thus, having two ideas above selves, the negative effects of essence are removed from morality.

The first important realisation about Truth, is, the idea is distinguishable from its manifestations; correspondence and honesty. The words, correspondence and honesty, are used in the definition. The idea is separate from the definition, which defines the idea. Socrates explained the distinction between an idea and the manifestation of the idea well in the Republic, Book X, with reference to carpentry and a bed. The idea of a bed originated before the first bed was made. Humans are normally born with the idea Truth engrained in them, otherwise humans would not be able to learn communicating. Correspondence between words and what words explain or mean, normally called reality, indicates existence of the idea Truth. Even fallacies, the opposite of correspondence, indicate the idea Truth. Without the idea Truth, fallacies cannot exist.

Similar to distinguishing between Truth and correspondence, a distinction between Love and manifestation of the idea, is necessary, for comprehending the idea. Love means not-doing evil to all others, like selves do not want evil done to. It is important, Love is not-doing, because not-doing can be not-done to all people. It is therefore a universal idea and the source of criminal law and social contract theory. Often, Love is explained in the sense of doing good to close family and friends. This explanation does not indicate universality. It is possible to do good to family and friends, after doing evil to others, sometimes called the Other. Doing good is not Love per se.

That's it folks. Simple, isn't it? Not at all. Satan gang-stalk and dismiss loving and honest people from their jobs, trying to make survival difficult, to prove a point; that, deceit and hate are more sustainable than correspondence and not-doing evil. They do it because they and their system are dependent on deceit and hate. Maximum-profit-per-individual, is the source of their donations/taxation, they live off. It becomes difficult to show necessary respect for the ideas Love and Truth, by manifesting it, with not-doing evil and honesty, when Satan is on your back. Being honest and not-doing evil, will eventually, show Satan, for who they are. If that does not happen, eventually, self could be part of Satan's selfishness, without knowing it. What is behind ostracising and outlawing people; enjoying watching the spectacles and pariahs; whilst getting joy from pitying? Those who practice ostracism and outlawing, i'm sure, just "love" it when ostracised and outlawed people become outlaws, falling from the highest morals to an illusion of the lowest, in a glimpse, when snapping. Snapping gives them material to write books about and make movies of. When human beings overcome their selfishness and the fear of death, the stories are also published, often by the satanists who "love" their idols.

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels

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