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MYM Contributions

MYM expanded, thanks to the following actions. This table shall be updated with information available, to give thanks to others, contributing to the development of MYM. The table includes links to social media platforms, where contributors can be contacted. To have a contribution included, contact Africahead. The table is kept in alphabetical name order. The actions listed here were initiated by independent entities.

Contributor Description Link
@etherscan at Twitter. Etherscan.io included links etc for Moyom (MYM) on their website. Link to webpage.
@StateOfTheDApps at Twitter. State Of The DApps listed Moyom (MYM) on their website. Link to listing.
@AntarcticMoon at Cent. Originating the idea to use MYM as prize money and thanking @mdpienaar at Cent in a post for the receipt of MYM, to be airdropped in return for revenue accruing to Africahead at Cent. Link to post at Cent.
@dreamofjapande at Cent. Registration of MYM on the exchange platform Uniswap. Link at Etherscan.
@dreamofjapande at Cent. Spreading of airdopped GiveAway MYM to different addresses with several transactions. Address link at Etherscan.
FriendsFingers, a DAO platform. Added MYM to their faucet. Link to the faucet.
@initforlaw at Cent. Asked a question, in line of; will AFA holders be prioritized to buy scarce products at minimum prices? Things cannot develop like that, because only 48'000'000 AFA ipparts exist, consisting of 480'000 AFA tokens with 2 decimals. It is a good idea, which can only be applied locally or with complicated digital technology for digital goods only, similar to organisations where only people with priority cards have access to products and services. Only MYM holders though will have access to products and services sold for MYM, e.g. brand tokens listed on IPPAEX. Link to question at Cent.